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Contrary to the name, SafeLIst Services can be a handful if YOU don't know how to market through email effectively.  As a matter of fact, there is so much spam, legal and otherwise, that most people find it hard to find a good email delivery service.  During MY experience, I have found that email marketing, if done correctly, can become one of YOUR most valuable Internet Marketing Money Making Resources!  Do YOU want deliverability?  Do YOU want a more responsive list?  Do YOU want more referrals?  All of this can be achieved if YOU utilize email marketing to YOUR advantage!  Below is a list of the most responsive email websites on the internet, all for free!  I haven't built up the nerve to buy and email marketing services because I want to do everything for FREE or as little money involved as possible.  The first website is great because it allows YOU to have a free autoresponder as well, without having to pay a monthly fee.  YOU can add YOUR own letters and everything.  Like I said, I like MINE Free!

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